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Tripindi Shradh in Varanasi


  • (Pandit Ji Dakshina + all Samagri=11000/ Duration– 3 hour with 2-3 Pandit)

(100% Refund in Case of Cancellation or Reschedule)

Tripindi Shradha Puja is Pind daan. If anyone in the family from the last three generations has passed away in a very young age or old age, then those souls cause problems to us. If, for continuous three years, this ritual is not made to departed souls, then the dead gets angry, so to calm them, this offering is mainly made. This is a very important Ritual in Hindu culture.

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As per the ancient scripture Shradha Kamalkar, it is said that Shradha of ancestors should be performed two times a year. If it is not done for many years, then ancestors remain unhappy, causing various problems to next generations.

Most people think Tripindi Shradha relates to satisfying past three generations like forefathers (father-mother, Grandfather- Grandmother, and Great grandparents), but it is not just for three generations. Any soul who is not satisfied in his life and passed away, such souls troubles their future generations. Such souls can be sent to eternal spirit by performing this ritual, “Tripindi Shradha” at Varanasi.

The Ritual is performed using three Brahmins, also called Tripindi Shradha. It is widely performed in Varanasi. This Ritual contains various types of poojas, such as removing Pitru dosh, Abhishek, etc.

As Hindus religious texts when a person dies, his body ends and the soul leaves the body to go its next destination which depend on the cumulative KARMA of all his previous births. So if the body’s process of evolution merges into the Ever-Existent or God, or if not, then it is prepared for the next birth. The soul is reborn continuously in different type of bodies till it finally completes its evaluation process. And in every year when Shraadh month will come then Hindus must be do little process for the 15 Days regarding this. And in this fifteen days they can’t use to cut their Hair.

Importance of Tripindi Shradha

  • Post-death, when souls are still wandering on earth get peace when pind daan is offered to them by their relatives.
  • Pind daan brings freedom to deceased those having a materialistic inclination and finding it difficult to leave the earth and their loved ones.
  • It is believed that post pind daan souls are relived from the torchers of hell leading him/her to Moksha.
  • Relatives of the deceased offering pind daan receive the blessings by the soul, which is believed to have the strongest positive influence in one’s life.
  • Pind daan brings success, peace, and prosperity to people’s life.

A pind as per Hindu religious text is something that is in a circular form. And, this is how pind daan got its name in which food made in circular-ball form is offered to the soul by his/her relatives during shradh karma.

The material that is used to prepare pind during shradh is made up of kneading rice or barley flour. These pinds are made in circular form and is offered to the deceased during pind daan karma.

If anyone could not do these activities due to time, distance and different situation than we are helping them to complete of these religious processes at every famous place like Kashi, Haridwar, Varanasi, Ganga, Banaras, Allahabad and also at other places at the same religious time in India. We also arrange well known Pundits of Varanasi for Asthivisarjan, all the materials and boat service will be arranged during Asthivisarjan and Asthi visarjan will be carried out at Ganga Ghat of Haridwar.


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