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  • Badrinath Temple Replica

    Original price was: ₹5,000.00.Current price is: ₹3,200.00.

    This 3D Model of Kedarnath Dham Temple is constructed magnificently with Pine Wood. This eco-accommodating items happens to be one of a kind piece of wooden craftsmanship that is an ideal present for seniors on unique events. This is the best present for silver celebration or brilliant celebration marriage commemoration.

    Dimensions (LBH in inches): :-5.5 X 9 X 5.5

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  • Cuber Coin badrinath

    Original price was: ₹1,000.00.Current price is: ₹700.00.

    The Holy Mart Metal KuberKhazana Coin Directly from Badrinath Dham (Gold; Standard Size). In Akshaya tritya Teez , purchase kuberkhazana coin, direct from the auspicious Badrinath dham. This khazana will bring abundance, positivity and progressiveness in your work place and home, so get back riches and development by the endowments of Sri Vishnu, Laxmi and Kuber. The blessed store metal kuberkhazana coin straightforwardly comes from Badrinath Dham (gold; standard size).

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  • Garud shila stone

    Original price was: ₹1,200.00.Current price is: ₹999.00.

    There is an unflinching faith in Garuda Vishnu Shalagram Shila bring best of luck, favorable luck, harmony and satisfaction, otherworldly edification, etc.

    Dimenions : 2.6 inches (L) x 2 inches (W) x 1 inch (H)
    Weight : 120 grams approx
    Color : Black, white, blend tone

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  • Suryakund Cooked Rice

    Original price was: ₹700.00.Current price is: ₹500.00.

    Surya Kund ‘s water is hot and it is normally hot, frequently individuals use this water for shower and to prepare prasad for the deity by boiling and cooking rice and potato. Water of Surya Kund is too hot simple get ready of rice only barely any time needs to dunk rice tie in a muslin cloth and stand for a couple of minutes to check whether the food is ready to eat or not?

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  • Timru Stick


    Timru is a very unique wood in the field of ayurveda, medicinal plants, herbs and spiritual value. 
    Name :- English Name :- Toothache Tree
    Hindi Name :- Divine Wood ,Timru Stick टिमरू, तिमूर,Tumbru, Tejbal, Timru, Timer, Napali Dhaniya, तेजफल
    Tamil:  Timur, Tejaphalam, Tejasvini
    Telugu name – Tejasvini, Konda-Kasimi
    Gujarati name – Tejbal
    Bengali name – Nepali Dhane
    Punjabi name – Tirmira
    Please Note :- If you are looking for any Specific size of the stick (दण्ड) Please write us or Whatapp +91 9911226690

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  • Artificial Paunji and Anklets

    Original price was: ₹800.00.Current price is: ₹500.00.

    Uttarakhand traditional artificial paunji or anklets,bangles made with coloured cloth and artificial gold plated pearls

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  • Himalyan Haldi


    Fragrant, flavourful with a deep golden colour, turmeric from the hills has high curcumin content. Make immune boosting smoothies, shakes, golden milk or use it in your curries.

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  • Timur Seed


    Other Name : Organic Timur Seed, Tumbru Beej, Nepali Dhania

    It has the same tongue tingling, mouth numbing properties, with intense citrus and grapefruit notes. It produces this slightly numbing feeling, a tingling sensation on your lips and tongue when you consume it in moderate amounts.

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  • Udar Kund jal from Badrinath

    Original price was: ₹600.00.Current price is: ₹500.00.

    When five mysterious pools disappeared in one stroke in this holy place of India, everyone was compelled to think how it happened. But when this happened four years ago, even after that scientists could not find them till date.

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