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Annaprashan Puja


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Annaprashan comprises Anna (food) and Prashan (consumption). It is a holy ritual celebrated in Hinduism all over India. Annaprashan Pooja is performed when the baby eats a solid diet for the first time apart from the mother’s milk. The important food is sugar rice or Kheer prepared for the baby.It is also named the initial Rice-Feeding ceremony. The Annaprashan items include Kalash, Ganpati murti, Janeo, Rice, Rakshasutra, Gaumutra, chaurang, shankh, and more to conduct it in a better way.

Auspicious time for Annaprashan ceremony?
The best time to perform the Annaprashan ceremony is when the baby gets 6 or 7 months older because the baby’s teeth start growing.
The day is fixed according to the janma nakshatra of the baby.

Why is the Rice Feeding ceremony considered fortunate?
● The Annaprashan ceremony is considered significant for a baby’s growth and health. More such benefits that arise from Annaprashan are,
● It is essential to do Annaprashan for baby girls and Annaprashan for baby boys after 6 or 7 months to bless them with divine powers and a healthy digestive system.
● Pandit Ji recites mantras for the baby’s health and prosperity.
● The baby gets God’s blessings, and any undesirable element if gulped when the baby is inside the mother’s womb also purifies.

We are here to perform your Annaprashan Puja.
Diyabati works with the motive of satisfying its customers and providing blessed results with online pooja booking. Therefore, our company offers a complete package to book Annaprashan Pooja in Delhi

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