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Timru Stick


Timru is a very unique wood in the field of ayurveda, medicinal plants, herbs and spiritual value. 
Name :- English Name :- Toothache Tree
Hindi Name :- Divine Wood ,Timru Stick टिमरू, तिमूर,Tumbru, Tejbal, Timru, Timer, Napali Dhaniya, तेजफल
Tamil:  Timur, Tejaphalam, Tejasvini
Telugu name – Tejasvini, Konda-Kasimi
Gujarati name – Tejbal
Bengali name – Nepali Dhane
Punjabi name – Tirmira
Please Note :- If you are looking for any Specific size of the stick (दण्ड) Please write us or Whatapp +91 9911226690

Timru is found in Nepal, Kumaon, Garhwal and all over the Himalayan region.It has both medicinal and spiritual value. Let’s start by talking about its medicinal value first. The fruit of the timru tree is used to make bhasm or sacred ash by burning it completely. This ash can be used to clean your teeth which gets rid of the dark stains and makes them pearly white. It can also help get rid of any other problem or ailment related to teeth. Other than oral health it can also be used to cure fever by grinding up the bark of this tree, mixing it with water and drinking it.

When it comes to spiritual value, timru is also known as lord Narsingh which means that it has been identified as a form of god. It is so popular for its spiritual goodness that over 90% of the sadhus, saints and sages already know about this tree. They also make it a point to always keep it with them. They believe that keeping a piece of timru wood can ward off the fear of ghosts and other negative forces. In case anyone is suffering from any kind of psychological issues like a feeling of being infested with negative energy or even having bad dreams that severely affects your thought process, then timru can easily get rid of those emotions and feelings.

Other than that, if anyone is facing losses in their business or job then hanging a piece of timru wood on the main gate will eliminate any negativity that is causing these losses. All you have to do is get a piece of timru wood which is as long as your gate and place it there. You can keep a smaller piece as well at your home because the size of this wood is not a cause for concern. The fact that you have this wood at your home and office place is enough. If you keep one or a pair of timru wood, then the value it has to offer will also increase. Keeping a pair of timru wood in your house not only offers blessings of lord Narsingh but also goddess Lakshmi. Just keeping this enough for inviting positivity and good fortune in your house and office spaces. Mainly because it also keeps you safe from any enemy you may have. You may have thousands of enemies, but timru wood has the capacity to get rid of their negativity that they may give you. It won’t let any of that negativity come your way or harm you.

Being such a sacred tree of high spiritual and medicinal value it does have a procedure of the way you get it to your home. Starting off with the way you cut it. Timru wood should not be cut using iron equipment, rather you should invite this tree to your house through puja and rituals. This will make it 100 times more effective. But how do you invite this tree to your home? There is also a ritual involved when it comes to this. All you have to do is before holi, diwali or on any saturday, you should tie a kalawa around the branch, offer roli, turmeric powder, rice, sugar, little bit of gangaajal in the roots and light up a ghee diya along with some dhoop. You have to first pray to the tree and say that in order to get rid of the negativity you will be coming to get it the following day. You have to show respect to the tree. After doing this ritual and offering prayer, you have to go back to the tree the next day and cut a couple of pieces of wood from it using a stone. The equipment you use can be sharp but its material should not be iron in any case.

Spiritual Benefits of Timru:
1. Ward off the fear of ghosts and other negative forces
2. Positivity and good fortune in your house and office spaces.
3. Help in psychological issues


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