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Shradh in Varanasi

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In Hinduism, shraddha, Sanskrit srddha, often written sraddha, is a ceremony held in memory of a deceased ancestor. All male Hindus are required to perform the ceremony, which is both a social and religious obligation (with the exception of some sannyasis, or ascetics). The significance placed on the birth of boys in India reflects the necessity to ensure that a male descendent would be available to execute the shraddha rite after one’s death.

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Shradh Puja is one of the most important ritual in Hindu Religion. This is a period when we get an opportunity to pay homage to our beloved Ancestors. A period when we get an opportunity to say a big “Thank You” to all our Ancestors because they were the ones who brought us in this World and whatever we are today is because of them only.

Our Values, Our Principles, Our culture or even our tradition are all because of our Ancestors. If we are enjoying our Luxurious Life, Inherited Wealth, Property etc is all because of the hard work that our beloved Ancestors have done during their times.

At World of Devotion, we advise our customers to follow the below points while doing this Pavitr Puja:

As Hindus religious texts when a person dies, his body ends and the soul leaves the body to go its next destination which depend on the cumulative KARMA of all his previous births. So if the body’s process of evolution merges into the Ever-Existent or God, or if not, then it is prepared for the next birth. The soul is reborn continuously in different type of bodies till it finally completes its evaluation process. And in every year when Shraadh month will come then Hindus must be do little process for the 15 Days regarding this. And in this fifteen days they can’t use to cut their Hair.

What are the Benefits of conducting Shradh Puja?

  1. It is believed that the souls of our Ancestors come down to Earth to bless us, hence, it is extremely important to offer Prayers as per Vedic Hindu Culture to receive blessings of them.
  2. Because of the Shradh Puja, the souls of our forefathers / Ancestors rest in peace.
  3. If we conduct Shradh Puja with santity and dedication, it protects us and our family from any kind of Negativity to enter our lives.


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